Parents @ Riverwoods

Moms! Dads! This part is for you. As a student pastor, I am so thankful for parents who want their students to experience God on an intimate level. At The River, we do our best to allow God to get all the glory through our student ministry. We just wanted to let you know what we are about at The River through this venue…

  • Relationships- God has called us to love one another and we want to do just that. I have learned that students just want to be loved. Our staffers make it a point to build long lasting relationships with the students and to encourage them in all the God has for them. We also are there when they are down, we believe God wants us to be there in the good and the bad, so we take pride in loving students regardless of their circumstances. We also encourage students to build relationships with each other so that they can lean on each other and live life together as it comes their way.
  • Worship- at The River, we enter a time of absolute worship of an awesome, mighty, HOLY God! We do this through music, prayer, skits, teaching, art, and many other ways that we can glorify God.
  • Serve- we know that God has called us to be do more than just show up at church, we know that He wants us to love those around us. We do that by serving not only our local church, but areas in our community that need a helping hand. We get to live out the relationship we have with Jesus!
  • Purpose- one of the most important things at The River that we teach and promote beside a relationship with Jesus, is PURPOSE. God has a special plan for everyone, even teenagers, and we don’t want them to miss out on what God has for them just because they are young. We teach and encourage students to pursue the purpose God has for them. We don’t want them to miss out on anything that He has for them, so we encourage them to passionately seek out their purpose and engage in that mission as soon as they can. God is going to use them in many ways; like being a God-fearing lawyer, Anointed doctors, faithful church members (owners to use riverwoods terms), and gifted teachers. God hasn’t called us all to the “full-time” ministry, but He wants us to be on mission all the time. The world needs Jesus, and the students of The River will leave here knowing that God can use them whoever and however they are! Click here for a medical release form for your amped student(s).
  • Interim The River Student Minister — Ethan Clark
    Young Ladies Leader — HollieJo Thomasson
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