Watch Our “How Sweet The Sound” Series

Below you can find our online lesson series.

In many ways, hymns are the oral history of our faith. Like the Psalms in Scripture, they are passed from generation to generation, sung in cathedrals, chapels, or around a family piano. Every generation has its anthems, and while we continue to sing to Him new songs to this day, sometimes the timeless music of our predecessors is just what the soul needs. This series will delve into history to take some of those classic, overlooked, or left-behind hymns and explore their meaning, breathing new life into their melodies to illuminate the hope they have for us today.  Each week of How Sweet the Sound will present a fresh, modern arrangement of a vintage hymn. Pastor Darrin will connect the meaning of the song to biblical truth and apply it to our everyday lives. Rest on a strength greater than our own. Find comfort in a love deeper than any sorrow. And when the silence comes after, listen for an amazing grace: How Sweet the Sound. Join us for a new series starting Easter weekend. Benton campus 9 & 10:30 and at our Murray campus 1 o’clock.